M Squared


What We Offer


Executive Business Coach

We provide "industry insider" advice, answers, insight and counsel to help answer the questions and challenging issues that entrepreneurs face on a day to day basis on key issues such as:

  • How much capital is needed to expand my business?
  • Which broker should I use and when should I hire them?
  • What promotional strategies do I employ for customer trial?
  • Which retailers do I target first to grow my business?

Brand Readiness Plan

Identify target consumer, thorough review of company financials, brand differentiation analysis, brand packaging critique, retail pricing analysis, product certifications review, production capacity and supply chain evaluation.


Market Expansion Plan

Development plan will include a review of existing distribution by customer channel and will target the “Ideal Brand Fit” retailers and distributors by customer channel.


P&L and Cash Flow Analysis

A line-by-line, in depth analysis including revenue, cost of goods, store counts, sales and marketing expenses, and return on investment.


Investor Presentation Development

"Best in class" template driven process that will showcase brand identity, founder passion, brand points of difference, financial plan, and sales and marketing strategies.


Business Plan Execution

Main contact points for all distributors, schedule and attend key customer appointments, lead contact for all sales brokers, attend customer and industry trade shows, educate and engage distributor sales teams, attend regular staff calls and provide general business support and counsel.


Sales and Marketing Strategy

Strategic plans will include: ideal customer target list by channel, direct and/or distributor supply chain plans, brand promotion calendar, consumer marketing plan to drive trial and repeat purchase, sales broker recommendations, and sales metrics/reports to manage the day-to-day business.